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Hey there pickers

My name is Marc and I’m a guitar teacher based in Camden, North London.
I’ve been playing and recording guitar music for over twenty five years. As a professional musician I have performed live in several bands and worked as a session musician on many projects.


This experience is very useful in my teaching and I have given over 5000 individual lessons to students of all ages from kids to adults. I conduct my lessons from home in a relaxed and informal style, and have helped both beginners and accomplished players improve their technique and expand their repertoire.


My lessons are clear, organised and fun, so if you’d like to get started (or continue) on your guitar playing journey, then please get in touch.

Lessons to suit you

I’m a teacher of acoustic, electric and bass guitar.
I believe that every guitar player should be given the freedom to develop their own style.


No two guitarists will approach a tune in quite the same way. I am familiar with many different styles of music ranging from classical and spanish through to country, blues and rock.


I will use my experience to broaden your repertoire and help you improve in all areas of your playing.

Student feedback

See what some of my students are saying.
  • I have played guitar for some time. Just one lesson with Mark in fact opened up the fretboard for me in a way I just could not see before and my playing is already sounding much better.

    Duncan Islington
  • If you've been thinking about learning to play the guitar book a lesson now, you won't regret it! I didn't have a guitar for my first lesson but bought one the next day as I  was hooked.

    Annie Whitechapel
  • The way he conveyed the information to me was first class. Marc does something exceptional in his teaching and I recommend him with confidence.

    Duncan Islington
  • Marc is such a good teacher, really patient and encouraging, the lesson is never a chore and always a good laugh. I have been having a lesson a week for a whole year, it's part of my life now.

    Annie Whitechapel
  • Marc's positive attitude and encouragement have helped me to improve to the stage where I feel I can hold my own in jam and live situations with other musicians. Lessons with him are always fun, relaxed and over too soon.

    Nick Hackney
  • Marc quickly worked out the music I liked and gave me songs to practice that I enjoyed listening to and wanted to learn. As a result I was able to make tangible progress very quickly and my confidence and enthusiasm grew.

    Nick Hackney

Use my studio

I offer a full range of services from arranging your songs to mastered recordings.


I can help you to develop your song ideas into fully finished songs.


I can help you turn your songs into complete arrangements.


I can teach you how to sing and play at the same time and work on performance skills.



I can teach you recording techniques using Logic Pro X and Garageband software.


I can mix your tracks into fully finished mastered tracks.



Facetime or Skype lessons available.

What’s it cost

Lessons can be purchased for yourself or as a gift.
  • 1 LESSON
    £35 PER HOUR
  • 10 LESSONS
    £250 SAVE 30%

Contact me here

To book a lesson or for further information.
If you’d like to get in touch with me, you can either give me a ring on the number below or use the contact form to send me a message.


Tel: 020 7424 9263
Mob: 07974 917804

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